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Deverneuil Psychology Team

Deverneuil Psychology is comprised of a small group of clinical psychologists who endeavour to offer you a fair, respectful and professional service. Our goal is to provide you with the skills to empower and enable you to manage your mental health and improve your daily functioning.
Our Receptionists Alyssa and Kate are the first people you will get to meet and speak to. They have a gentle, calm nature and will be able to help you with most of your queries.
Natalie Deverneuil
Clinical Psychologist
MPsych (Clinical), DHypnotherapy (Clinical), 

Natalie has 23 years experience working as a Clinical Psychologist. She is focused on
providing people support and upskilling them to deal with emotional difficulties in a
healthy way. Natalie has experience in various anxiety disorders, trauma,
domestic violence and other mental health issues.
Veronica pic_edited_edited.jpg
Veronica Tyler
Clinical Psychologist 
MPsych (Clinical), MAPS

Veronica works with people across the lifespan in assessment and treatment for mental
health concerns and welcomes working with people from a wide variety of cultural
backgrounds. She is LGBTQIA+ and neurodiversity affirming.  She has experience in
individual, couple and group therapy and utilises a range of approaches. Her special
interests include general mental health, drug and alcohol, relationship difficulties,
work-related stress and trauma. Veronica has experience working in the drug and alcohol
field, community mental health and has primarily worked in private practice.
Lauren Ticehurst
Clinical Psychologist
MPsych(Clinical), MAPS

Lauren works with a wide variety from young people to adulthood. She has
previously worked in: community outreach programs, child protection, substance use
treatment, and with culturally diverse groups in remote locations. She uses a number of
evidence-based practices to make sure each person feels supported and that treatment is
tailored to meet their specific needs. Lauren has experience working with a range of mental
health and stress-related issues including anxiety, addictions, depression, trauma, chronic
pain, and relationship conflicts. 
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Sean Hendry
Bachelor of Arts Psychology

Sean's area's of special interest include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, problematic dissociation, trichotillomania and Pica.  Sean has a particular interest in men’s health and has worked with many clients who have difficulties managing and expressing
their anger. Sean has experience working with children who engage in concerning sexualised behaviours and has recently worked as a consultant for PERCAN (Pursuit of Excellence in Responding to Child Abuse and Trauma) and the University of South Australia to prepare their workforce development course addressing intervention for developmental trauma. His approach is validating, collaborative and creative.   Sean holds specialist training in Trauma Focussed CBT, ACT, Protective Behaviours, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, EMDR and the Neurobiology of Complex Trauma.  
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